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Virtual Real Fusion Intelligent Interactive Helmet Virtual Real Fusion

Virtual Real Fusion Intelligent Interactive Helmet Virtual Real Fusion

    • Virtual Real Fusion Intelligent Interactive Helmet Virtual Real Fusion
  • Virtual Real Fusion Intelligent Interactive Helmet Virtual Real Fusion

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    ai helmets for temperature screening


    helmets for temperature screening

    Product Description
    In terms of body temperature detection, AI is doing incredible things. Recently, with the large-scale resumption of production and resumption of production by enterprises in various regions, the passenger flow of various types of public transportation has also gradually increased. The discovery and timely isolation of suspected patients in public places has become a top priority in the prevention and control of epidemics in various provinces and cities. How to solve the problem better?

    Virtual-real fusion intelligent interactive helmet, a product of the new generation of black technology era.
    This smart helmet is a smart helmet N901 developed and developed by Guangqi Technology Chengdu Guangqi on the basis of the original smart helmet products. By combining the leading AI calibration algorithm with thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, the N901 can achieve long-distance multi-person batch inspection of body temperature, with a temperature detection accuracy of0.3C, which satisfies the preliminary screening of suspected patients for epidemic prevention and control, non-contact measurement The warm method greatly reduces the risk of cross infection.
    Infrared temperature measuring devices commonly used now have more or less shortcomings. For example, the infrared thermometer requires that the surveyor and the person to be measured must be one-to-one, and maintain a distance of about half a meter. Each person's measurement must be at least 2 to 3 seconds. When the flow of people comes up, it is easy to cause traffic jams; pile-type infrared body temperature The detection device can achieve non-contact temperature measurement beyond 1 meter, but this method is more demanding on the environment and is mainly used in indoor environments. It is required to place one-to-one measurement at the bayonet position passed by a person. Large subways, transportation hubs, and large enterprises have shown inefficiency.
    Instantly survey body temperature to efficiently guarantee return to deep work
    At present, this artificial intelligence police equipment known as a rework artifact has been widely used in crowded and mobile public places. The smart helmet can achieve a sense of no contact, no contact, and multiple recognition at the same time within 5 meters. In the human temperature measurement mode, the temperature data of the measured target will be displayed on the wearer's AR glasses in real time. Once a person with abnormal body temperature is found, the helmet will immediately give an audible and visual alarm.
    High-precision temperature measurement, people flow statistics, alarm snapshots, intelligent and accurate analysis, etc. All-in-one smart helmets can also be synchronously matched with the measured body temperature and automatically record and store the person information by identifying the QR code No manual entry is required; combining leading AI algorithms such as face recognition, vehicle recognition, and document recognition with fever screening to achieve core capabilities such as personnel management, vehicle management, and visitor management.
    Are smart helmets combined with many black technologies very unfriendly in weight? This is not the case. Smart helmets have sophisticated performance characteristics and can be easily and flexibly deployed. This advantage depends on their core research and development achievements using optical drive technology, metamaterial technology, and the selection of advanced fighter materials. The smart helmet N901 helmet The weight of the shell is less than 180 grams, and the overall weight of the helmet is less than 1200 grams. At the same time, the 8-hour long battery life ensures that it has sufficient working time outdoors. It can be described as the details everywhere. It is really a black technology crystalline product under the new anti-pneumonia anti-pneumonia.
    Even on a fast-moving road, on-duty personnel can conduct a body temperature survey on the people inside the vehicle only at a "sweep" speed. Without close contact, you can quickly identify each person with fever, so that no one is missing. This non-inductive, batch-type temperature measurement method controls the detection time of each vehicle to about a few seconds, greatly improving the efficiency of highway traffic.
    The combination of thermal imaging temperature measurement technology and smart helmet is the biggest innovation with the traditional fixed-point remote real-time temperature measurement system. The emergence of intelligent temperature measurement helmets has increased the benefits of mobile temperature measurement. In areas with dense crowds, it helps front-line duty personnel to flexibly investigate suspected cases and efficiently perform non-contact temperature measurement tasks anytime, anywhere.
    At present, this product has been deployed and piloted in some

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